Adrian Cruz

Adrian Cruz

Buffalo, NY, US


Senegal Elementary School

The goal of our design proposal is to create a lasting educational environment that is both sustainable and fosters a growing future community during the long-term connections and traditions of the area. The design uses locally sourced materials such as clay bricks, bamboo, steel sheeting, and concrete to create an intricate but seemingly simple design from the exterior. The space, enclosed to itself by brick walls, fosters its function. Walls are created using clay bricks, locally produced, and capturing the color scheme of the terrain. A new Southern entrance opens up in a courtyard around the Moraceae tree, separating the classrooms on the North and East sides by a hallway with open windows which doubles as a porch for informal seating. The roof is constructed using corrugated steel, angled to allow water to be moved away from the structure, and hanging 1 meter over the walls to create adequate ventilation in the Senegal climate. While the right side of the site features the classrooms, common space for play, outdoor teaching, and activities, the left, through a brick-latticed wall, contains required double offices which look out towards both the kitchen and orchard with ample open access to the water well.

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Status: Competition Entry
My Role: Conceptual Design, Post-Production
Additional Credits: Joshua Diamond - Conceptual Design, Diagrams