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    Mimicking Warmth In The Coldest Place On Earth

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    Jul 22, '14 5:49 PM EST

    It's -40 C as the year faces yet another long Siberian winter and on the opposite end of the world, California based architecture firm, 5+design is gearing up for a new project located in Novosibirsk, Russia, the southwestern part of Siberia.

    Life is attracted to warmth, to light and with this in mind, the team set out to construct Aura, a retail center that would stand as a beacon of light against the harsh backdrop of the Siberian winter.

    Back-lit boxes of yellow and orange glass make up the exterior façade, which alternate with additional boxes of metal paneling printed with an abstract tulip, the city flower. Juxtaposed together, the cubes form a brilliant geometric display that fit perfectly in sequence.

    5+design created the Grand Arcade for retailers and brands, Market Street for the hypermarket, and a food court with cabana-like seating. There are three atrium spaces: the Water Court, with its splashing fountain; the Sky Court, hung with bronze chandeliers; and the Crystal Court, which sparkles with a glass sculpture and glass terrazzo flooring.

    With its big glow of light, Aura has become the largest enclosed mall in Novosibirsk, providing local residents a bright and warm place to eat, shop, gather, enjoy.

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