Zoe Demple

Zoe Demple

Brooklyn, NY, US


Screens Stairs Shading

The project was developed while abroad in India. It looked at how to revitalize the link between stairs and shading in Varanasi, India. The aim was to adapt an abandoned courtyard below the Varanasi Jantar Mantar, into a student housing and research center. The Jantar Mantar was historically used as a place to study astronomy and cosmology. Intending to connect Varanasi's famous ghats [the stairs leading down to the Ganges river] back to the site, a series of spaces, varying in light, depth and privacy developed. A new type of community could begin to unfold on the current abandoned site. Thus allowing for a new place for learning to integrate itself into the already thriving culture along the Ganges river;  constanly linking itself back to the  shading and screening techniques used throughout Indian History.

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Status: School Project
Location: Varanasi, IN
My Role: Designer

Image Credit: Timothy Kim
Image Credit: Timothy Kim

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