Yang-Yu Huang

Yang-Yu Huang

New York, NY, US


Manhattan Noah

Saving City Civilization of the Future


Today, flood and rising sea level present serious threats to coastal cities and communities. Following a report published in Nature Climate Change, they reported that the sea level would rise 40 inches by 2100 and 7 inches per decade thereafter. At this rate, the sea level will approach 9 feet during the year 2200. Meanwhile, flood becomes a more serious catastrophe than past one hundred years. At the end of October 2012, Hurricane Sandy brought a huge amount of water pouring into Manhattan Island that became one of the most serious disasters of this city in the 21th century. MTA and water and electric supply shut down for a couple of weeks. Over 19,000 people live without power. Government reported that estimated cost of Hurricane Sandy to New York at $42 billion. Manhattan Island as one of the coastal cities, learning how to deal with these potential threats of rising water levels and flood is evitable.

Supply Renovation: People can live above the rising sea level in Manhattan!

After sea level rising to over street level, Manhattan’s ground traffic and subway will lose function. The water-supply system will be contaminated. The electricity supply will shut down by the damaged power station. Without these supplies, city will go into dark and failed. However, we see an opportunity of keeping Manhattan survived by its high-density development. By using the advantage of high-rise buildings, most of the floor area can keep safe above rising sea level. In the case of revitalizing supply system of them, we design a series of mega structure “Noah” that located between the street level to Manhattan Skyline to reconnect public transportation, pedestrian path, gas pipe, water pipe, electric cable, and even food supply between buildings in the island. Manhattan will grow again. It means civilization will have a chance to grow with these mega structures. Citizens can live here, play here, and work here above the sea. The main goal of this bold idea “Noah” is saving civilization of the future Manhattan.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Architect: Yin-Kuang Chang


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