Yang-Yu Huang

Yang-Yu Huang

New York, NY, US


Manhattan 2111

Goals and Objectives:

Decrease use of oil dependent transportation
•     Increase pedestrian and bicycle access, safety and comfort
•     Decrease parking opportunities
•     Introduce congestion pricing

Enhance public transport networks and modes
•     Improve east/west transportation connections
•     Improve and expand ferry service
•     Develop on street rapid transit network
•     Provide on street and underground mass transit at key points

Develop waterfront into an amenity
•     Address the changing condition of the shoreline
•     Increase visual and physical access to the waterfront

Increase population density
•     Promote infill and expand housing
•     Promote development around transport nodes

Improve social equity
•     Improve transportation networks and access
•     Improve public education quality and access

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Research Associate


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