Willard Williams, AIA

Willard Williams, AIA

Redwood City, CA, US


Corpus Christi Coliseum Preservation Competition Submission

The City of Corpus Christi, Texas, was attempting to save a historic landmark, a 1950's coliseum, and decided to have a competition.  This submission was actually completed from start to hand delivered within 7 days.  The project consist of a hotel, outdoor mall, apartment complex, parking structure.  The buildings incorporate green roofs where possible, natural lighting, and natural ventilation through roof aerodynamics in some locations.  The project team was two architects, one designer, and one renderer. The team worked in a fluid motion using advanced planning and teamwork technologies to be able to work through the programatic requirements whilst still tackling the the production and artistic requirements necessary to achieve such a wonderful solution for the area.  


The land around the coliseum was larger vacant lots and with this submission we were able to provide a number of wonderful architectural moments that would have brought a lot of life to the area.  The project was roughly half a million square feet when it was submitted.  We won the competition but in the end the city demolished the coliseum and scrapped the plans.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Corpus Christi, TX, US
My Role: Designer/Job Captain/BIM Leader, Responsible for coordinating the BIM files with the team, Designed the "Beach District" and the apartment complex.
Additional Credits: Timothy White, Structure Real Estate Development, Timothy B. Cone, AIA, Jason Hetrick


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