Kurt West

Kurt West

Arlington, VA, US


Langley Fence

This proposal is for a new fence separating two backyards in the Glebewood neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia. The existing fence is situated on a challenging site that has a dramatic change of grade and an adjacent tree that has broken a section of the fence. The tree has also compromised the stability a nearby retaining wall.

The design takes into consideration the future growth of the tree and the precarious nature of the retaining wall. As a result, each side of the new fence take on a non-orthogonal layout, thus creating “pockets” of space in-between the sides of the fence. At these voids we will be incorporating shelving. Also, a large pocket near the center of the new fence will contain an outdoor hanging lantern.

The fence will be built of 2-3/8” steel columns, pvc lumber and new pressure-treated wood along with re-using as many fence parts as possible.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Arlington, VA, US
My Role: Designer


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