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I am a passionate and innovative architect, interested in all of the architectural and design project phases, from generating an idea to making it real.

The idea phase is my favorite stage in the architecture process. During that stage, you can build new concepts and research the human relationship to the space. In this phase I am skilled in software such as 3d Max with V-Ray, Adobe,  Rhino & Grasshopper. I love to rethink common and traditional topics, and propose a new balance between the Economy, Humans, and Energy. I would bring over five years in academic and professional experience.

I understand that every idea is built in a specific social, cultural and economic context. My construction experience, which includes making construction administration documents, allows me to understand how an idea will be built. I am easy-going when working in interdisciplinary teams and am exceptionally skilled using BIM software such as Revit, where construction and development are synchronized into an interdisciplinary environment.

Only by working in an interdisciplinary team and  understanding that the technical should support the design, will an original, functional, and cost effective object be created by an architect. 



STL, Chicago, IL, US, Project Designer II

I am currently working for STL Architects in Chicago, having started there as an Intern in the designer team. Since January, I've been working as a Designer II. While at STL, I have been working for the Lycee School in Chicago for over 14 months using Revit in all phases of the project. Currently we are working in the construction phase, detailing, counstruction sheets and presentations to clients. I have worked on modeling (3d and 2d), object libraries, creation of families, networking with PEM and engineering offices, and also making perspectives (exporting from BIM) using 3d MAX and V Ray for the different presentations required at each phase (schematic design and design development). In each of these projects, I have worked closely with a team and had to manage various project deadlines, always successfully.

Working in STL, I have worked in project presentation, producing fly-through animation (you can find an example on my website, listed below) where modeling and postproduction (editing, rendering, and creating videos) are very important. I have worked on a variety of other projects, ranging from designing and overseeing construction of a public school building (Construction Documents), to Schematic Design of a cinematography studio in India. Additionally, I entered three international competitions: two to design public libraries, in South Korea and Helsinki, and the third to design an Adult Center in Israel. In each, I have used Revit + 3d MAX (parametric facades in Rhino plus Grasshopper) and Adobe Master Collection cs 6.
In addition, I have been working in SOS Roosevelt Square, Chicago housing and planning where I was working in construction set , works permits,construction administration documents, render and images to marketing.
I have been managing a Condominium Tower in Chicago, a design of residential and public uses in Lake Shore Drive, Chicago. Responsibility of all design and preparing presentations, always successful.
At the begging, working as Intern I worked in Completed Surveys of buildings in collaboration with engineering consultants (KJWW). Also I worked closed to the Project Manager in Back of the Yard Public School.Managing and reviewing construction documents. Design of the Library (Chicago Public School) and furniture's proposals. Supporting to the Project Manager in CD administration in UNO St Scholastica School.
Furthermore I collaborated with the office based in India, working in 2 projects: in Sahara School_Indore in Construction documents;Detailing and Constructions sheets; I helped to design a new swimming pool and new solar facade. And also, a Cinematography studio in India (Annapurna studio) working on Schematic Design, plans and section drawings, building design and rendering.

Jan 2012 - current

FDCA | SAINASIA, Madrid, Spain, Trainee

International architecture desing, urban planning and restoration office based in Spain and China where I was involved in 3 International architectural design competitions:
1_Parador Nacional de Turismo de Ayegui (Navarra, Spain) on January 2010. FIRST PRIZE (developing the main idea into a team integrated with 2 coworkers)
2_Fundacion SEPI (Madrid).
3_Master Plan in Abu Dhabi.

Jun 2010 - Dec 2010

COLL-BARREU Architects, Madrid - Bilbao,Spain, Trainee

Architecture design office established by Coll-Barreu ETSAM 's project teacher where I worked in 2 International architecture competitions:
1_Olympic Games “Villa Madrid 2016” RZ1 & RZ2 (collective houses competition)
2_Tabakalera civic center (San Sebastian, Pais Vasco, Spain)

May 2008 - Nov 2008

EMURBAN, Madrid, Spain, Trainee

Architecture design and urban planning office where I worked in construction documents projects as well as detailing, work site and completed surveys of buildings. Designing new housing into a urban planning. I learned how to develop an architecture project from the conceptual idea to construction of a building.

Apr 2006 - Nov 2006

Ensamble Studio, Madrid, Spain, Trainee

Architecture design office established by Anton Garcia Abril ,ETSAM 's project teacher, and based in Spain and Mexico where I worked in the desing of Cervantes Theater (headquarters SGAE in Mexico DF). I worked in 3d rendering, interior views, model and draws into Design Development. I learned to developing a conceptual building.

Jun 2005 - Oct 2005

ARTECO S.A, Alcobendas, Spain, Trainee

Architecture design and urban planning office where I worked in construction documents , as well as, detailing, work site and completed surveys of buildings.

Jun 2003 - Sep 2003


Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (ETSAM), Madrid, ES, PhD, Phd preparatory: Master in Advance Architecture Design

Innovation & Technology Architecture

First of two phases of coursework completed.
Worked in ETSAM as a Project Design Teaching Assistant under Ruiz Cabrero, Unit Teacher.

Sep 2011 - current

Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (ETSAM), Madrid, ES, MArch, Licenciado in Architecture

My degree in MArch is from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (Escuela Técnica Superior de Madrid), which I received in May 2011 with the highest marks in my Thesis project. Outstanding pass. Specialization in Restoration, where I got Oustanding pass as well (9 out of 10). Average grade: 9.2 (10 scale)

Thesis Project exhibited in ETSAM in October 2011 (“semana de la arquitectura”) and in UFMG Federale de Minas Gerais University (Brazil) in October 2012 under the exhibitions called ”PROJECTAR”.

Jan 2003 - May 2011

Areas of Specialization 


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