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The Building purpose is to consolidate on a single site the local education authority of the Academy of Lille and all its different services currently scattered on the agglomeration.
The building is planned in the continuous expansion of Euralille area on a Triangular plot.
The image of the institution is expressed through architecture.The Building establishes lightness, openness and brightness while exposing a serious and functional organization.

Our proposal objective is to give a strong identity to the building with a high quality and functionality of space.The project thus develops as an open large "V" shape around a great void. This shape forms an interior garden courtyard.  Each face of this triangular shape offer a different relation with the town, one side will be completely open, welcoming, and landscaped, the other will interact with the park on is foot and the third will protect itself from the highway near-by.

The light roof and the columns rhythm are part of the classic elegance which enhances the image of the education authority building. The light colonnade expresses an academic strong character. The roof is made of perforated sheet in order to allow light to pass through the building and prevent direct sunlight.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Lille, FR
My Role: Architect


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