Paris, FR


Futurotextile pavillion

The project is the result of the development of textile elevation insulation. This new double skin elevation serves as insulation for renovation or new construction. The new skin elevation is composed of compounds of technical textile cushions from agriculture. The cushions are then filled with a natural insulator.

The project responds to the need to reduce energy loss and offers an innovative and ecological to renovate or create new facade for all types of building. In the aim of exhibit the main idea our project takes the form of a small pavilion exhibition to showcase the potential of materials from agriculture. Our idea is to develop this new skin elevation for larger building

The cushions are made of textile and gain low cost transport on site. They are hung in a framework designed to avoid thermal bridges. Using a preformed mold, the cushions are filled with insulation efficient and environmentally friendly. The frames are hung on a single secondary structure by fitting to each other. The packaging of these fronts with new cushions textiles promises to reduce the energy consumption of the building and give it unparalleled image quality.
The project therefore meets the dual goal of increasing textile in terms of image and use.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Paris, FR


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