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Corten Box

The building project is a new skating rink connected to the existing Olympic Winter Games Hall which was built in 1992.The project is located in the heart of the Alps in the town of Albertville, France.
The building will feature a new lobby to distribute multiple functions in the Olympic Hall. All functions could be used independently and the new project will gain a great capacity for spatial flexibility. The ability of spaces to be associated and dissociated has been a driving force in the project design.

The new skating ring offers the opportunity to create a multi-flexibility space able to accommodate a large range of event like concert, exhibition, reception, freestyle exhibition, indoor karting, skating or competition. Our project strategy is built around a system of cross plan. The cross is used to serve all functions simultaneously with a possibility to isolate one arms of the cross if needed.

The Building’s elevation material used is corten steel .The material will reflect the character of the surrounding mountains. The facade then offers deepness and motion by creating variations of colors and reflections. The extension of The Olympic Hall acquires a clear identity and fits into its surroundings while remaining behind compared to the existing Hall. The building will be surrounded by a landscaped courtyard and welcoming entrance plaza.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Albertville, FR
My Role: Architect

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