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    Patrick Beseda Sep 13 '12 2

    "Life is not about maximising everything, it's about giving something back - like light, space, form, serenity, joy. You have to give something back."

    Glen Murcutt said that. How can you possible know enough about a place, a site, a pre-existing culture, ecosystem, language, with a whole history and a whole future in order to even contemplate intervening in the name of giving back to that place? I suppose you can only try and hope that the place accepts what you have to give and doesn't tear your building down, and maybe enjoys your intervention, derives joy from it. 

    This student can only try. First try to understand; try to sympathize and empathize with the site, your place. Put yourself in that place. Exist there. Then design.

    That's why I went to Point Lobos. Not to see it. Not to look at great views and watch seals play in the cove next to scuba divers. I didn't go to eat great clam chowder and see art and architecture. I went to experience the site. It's illegal to camp there and also probably kind of cold. So we must be content with the full day and partial day we spent walking, sitting, laying, squinting in the sun, turning our backs from the wind, watching the light change, feeling the temperature and humidity shift and getting hungry and tired at Whaler's Cove. We know it a little bit now. We know what its like to be there for a day. We're tourists. But hopefully we went with our eyes open to the authentic experience of that site and hopefully our designs reflect that. 

    Now for the diagrams, so so many diagrams.


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