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    Patrick Beseda Aug 23 '12 0

    That’s semester three, week one. 4 semesters, 15 weeks left to go. And 5599 IDP hours...

    New studio:

    Our instructor is Scott Lawrence. We’ll be researching context, place, body and connection and designing for a site in Pt. Lobos, CA.

    We are already discussing introverted and extroverted space, path, connection to place. Our research includes a trip to California in September which promises to be enlightening and allows us to spend time at our site. More to come soon.

    My other courses include Human Factors in Design, History of Architecture II, and Environmental Control Systems. I intend to be posting weekly with things I’m working on, interested in, and doing around town. I’ve also got to decide which side projects I’ll be taking on this year. It’s sure to be pretty exciting.

    Be sure to keep an eye here and on if you're interested.


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