Teresa McWalters

Teresa McWalters

New York, NY, US


Truss Tunnel, a linear transformation

A two-part exercise involving the design and fabrication of a parametrically scripted mechanism based on the structural integrity of the truss. Through a correspondence of shifts, rotations, and extensions, the individual slates activate the truss to accommodate light, ventilation and, structural demands. The second part of the project dealt with the physical constraints, environmental sensitivities, and fabrication methods of constructing and adapted 1:1 scale pavilion based on these same principles.

The findings of the course “The Sequential Structure 1” led to the development of a temporary installation in public space at the ETH Zurich within a 4 week workshop. The tasks included the design and fabrication of a timber pavilon to shade a sun exposed terrace. Studies of physical hanging chain models and their simultaneous simulation with digital tools provided the base for an iterative form finding process. 

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Status: Built
Location: Gramazio and Kohler, ETH, Zuirch Spring 2010
Additional Credits: Michael Knauß (project leader) Jonas Epper, Sofia Georgakopoulou, Benz Hubler, Jessica Knobloch, Huber Matthew, Maria Vrontissi


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