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Tract A at Science Park is part of the former Winchester Arms facility in New Haven, Connecticut.  This adaptive re-use development is focused on two of the buildings within this site - Buildings 29 and 30 - which were built in 1915.  The four- and six-story historic buildings were transformed into a modernized facility for the corporate headquarters of a fast-growing Connecticut financial services company, while maintaining their historic character.  An addition of a four-story glass atrium building connects the two existing structures to form an exciting new entry and circulation core.

The atrium’s contemporary design clearly distinguishes it from the historic industrial structures, yet uses similar materials throughout the complex, such as concrete, steel and glass.  The atrium glass adds a high level of transparency so the elevations of the historic buildings are clearly viewed.  The extensive use of glass also minimizes the overall massing of the new structure, allowing it to balance sympathetically between the concrete structures.  These design directions are in keeping with the National Park Service’s guidelines for additions to historic structures.

Due to the historic nature of the buildings and the involvement of the US Department of the Interior/National Park Service, the exteriors were restored to match the original buildings. 
All of the existing windows have been replaced and replicated in order to meet current energy codes and thermal comfort for the tenants.  In addition to the exterior restoration, the design also maintains some of the iconic historical interior components as part of the renovation.

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Status: Built
Location: New Haven, CT, US
My Role: Architect


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