Susan Kim

Susan Kim

Brooklyn, NY, US


Qianhai Bay Masterplan

MASTERPLAN:  Given the vastness of the project site the need for locality or specific neighborhoods was recognized. In order to break down the scale of the masterplan, 3 epicenters were created, each bearing a specified function. In accordance to this the southern central plots were unified to form a traffic free area catering to only pedestrian traffic. These 3 areas were then unified through the use of a central axis, creating a link between these otherwise isolated programs. The central axis serves to quarter Phase I& II breaking down the vast size while connecting the circulation of the 3 epicenters.

CANYON:  Given the developments close proximity to the waterfront parks and green axis to the north a landscape concept was developed to connect with these. Following the creation of the green canyon in the center of the development which connects to the large green axis to the north and brings green in to the masterplan, the idea to bring green from the East to West over the top of the plinth buildings was developed. The concept relies on connecting green from the water front to the West of the site through the use of gardens, green roofs and by lifting towers creating a series of different interconnected green spaces.

TRANSPORTATION HUB: The 4 primary transport systems used in the masterplan were placed according to the planned infrastructure of the area. Conventionally these would be linked in a cross formation as seen in the first diagram. This creates a central meeting point and transfer area, which through the convergence of 4 transport systems would lead to overcrowding and inefficient passenger movements. Following this realization the concept of the connecting diamond was developed in order to maximize linkage between transport systems, creating direct paths which were previously not possible. This breaks down of passenger flows into more manageable sizes increases efficiency.

SKYLINE:  With such a large masterplan with many towers a height development concept was designed that would follow a logic while retaining the feel of natural growth, making it easier to relate to other plots that will be built later. A series of waves was developed which inter relate with one another in order to form a unified appearance working to climax at the landmark tower in the center. A secondary smaller landmark tower is proposed to the East of the Landmark tower to act as a counterpart. Two towers adjacent to the Hub itself were then designed creating a secondary diamond formation above the Hub diamonds, framing it successfully.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Shenzhen, CN
My Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Nora Graw, Leander Adrian, Patrick Bedarf, Xuan Wu, Adam Lind, Sha Liao

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