Susan Kim

Susan Kim

Brooklyn, NY, US


Cenke Tower

Cenke Group Tower was selected as the winning entry amongst submissions from three firms in this invited competition.

Taiyuan is dominated by a strong east-west axis, ending in the east with the Taiyuan Railway Station. Many tall buildings are located along this axis. A new axis in the north-south direction is now under development, crossing the old axis at Taiyuan Wuyi Square. This is where the Cenke Group Tower will be located.

A rectangular base geometry was selected to fit the shape of the site. The building is then shaped with curvature in both plan and elevation. The tower is situated in the north of the site to be less effected by the sun envelope. In being placed in the north a symmetrical shape is possible. The tower is slightly tapered to let sun pass besides the building. The tip of the tower is rounded to create a strong hollistic shape. A resturant is placed in the tip with a view of the city.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Taiyuan, CN
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Henn Architekten;
Alan Kim, Xingyu Mu, Klaus Ransmayr, Leander Adrian

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