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    Architecture: 3 things that are happening on this side of the river

    studiostumpo Jul 3 '13 0

    During this past week I had a hard time figuring out what to post for this week’s entry and as I have mentioned before, I intended to start this blog as channel to share some insightful architecture-related curiosities, events or interesting dialogues that I see from a student’s perspective. Now that I think about it again (this exercise of taking time to figure out what to say, or not!) also helps me understand what I truly find interesting and ultimately worth writing. In order words, Studio Stumpo seeks to reflect what is involved in being an architecture student today.

    That said, this time I decide to share some of the things that are happening in this side of the river (more specifically the Charles River that divides Cambridge and Boston) since we know the majority of the educational architectural discourse happens across the river (think of MIT and Harvard!) Without further delay, I’ve numbered some great past and new events that are happening on this side of the river:

    WAr at the BSA Space

    First thing that comes to mind is ‘what is WAr?’ so in other words the Wentworth Architecture Review is a student run organization that presents an annually printed student publication that circulates the rich culture of Wentworth design. The journal is designed to benefit the Wentworth design community through the establishment of discourse, conversation and work and I’m glad to say I’m part of the new team since the last fall. WAr, as the Wentworth community refers it to, is solely a student run initiative and that was one of the aspects that motivated me the most to be a part of this organization.

    We had a one-month exhibit at the Boston Society of Architects from mid-May to mid-June and the exhibit showcased the latest selection of work produced by students and faculty from Wentworth’s various design majors. This exhibition focused on the concept “build” and what this phrase meant within the education and practice of architecture, interior design and industrial design. The displayed that was presented is called Volume 3 and represents the best of Wentworth Architecture review’s latest journal


    College Think Tank Boston

    This past June 15th I had the chance to participate along with one hundred students from 21 colleges in the first College Think Tank Boston. The challenged was to come up with ideas to help minimize the “vacant storefronts problem” present in different establishment, neighborhoods and communities throughout the city. The President of Wentworth Institute of Technology and Boston’s Mayor Tom Menino kicked off the event and urged the attendees to inspire for bigger and greater challenges at anything one is involved in. The main goal of the event was to get the conversation going, experience some real exchange of ideas and engage students and professionals to come up with creative and innovative solutions. I can say it was truly a unique experience, along with the fact that I got to work with great people that are involved in various fields of expertise and with multifacetic backgrounds. It was also very rewarding to contribute to shape ideas and projects that could ultimately become a part of the city’s continuous strive to solve this issue.

    Stay tuned to this organization (they are looking to come back in the fall for another workshop) as I’m sure the spots will go faster this time!

    For more details visit their blog

    Design for Life: Boston - Caracas 2013

    This event will take place at WIT next Friday, July 12, 2013. This time, the symposium looks to be a place for exchange of ideas and experiences in order to learn how design can effectively transform the contemporary city.


    As part of the Institutional Cooperation Agreement signed between the Central University of Venezuela and Wentworth Institute of Technology, the Symposium 'Designing for Life, Boston / Caracas 2013' looks to analyze some of the most relevant urban interventions made in Boston’s urban history in relation to the proposals of the contest of ideas to transform La Carlota Air Base into a Metropolitan Green Park, sponsored by the city of Caracas.

    Curated and designed by renowned architects and professionals in the field of design, planning, and urbanism from different institutions from North and South America institutions, Design for Life Boston / Caracas will reveal the opportunities design has to offer and how it can impact urban contemporary cities in numerous and contrasting ways.
    The exhibition, which spans an array of disciplines including architecture, design, built environment, and urban planning, will be a mixed overview of three exhibitions: The exhibition of the 12 finalists of the Competition of Ideas for La Carlota, an exhibition of the integration and works of the city landscape by students of Wentworth and a last “Caracas Zenith” sponsored by the Foundation for Urban Culture in Caracas.

    For more details visit their website or email

    Thanks for reading!
    Francesco @studiostumpo


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