studio MADe

studio MADe

Hyderabad-Deccan, IN


Lattitude Housing

The housing district is conceived as a series of linear residential towers oriented along the north-south axis of the site. This enables every unit to have direct visual access to the waterfront. An elevated concourse connects all the housing towers within  the land parcel at the ground level, acting as a continuous shaded colonnade. This spatial progression that cuts through the altering landscape fingers and built spaces.

The concourse accommodates all the public amenities such as cafeteria, fitness gym, swimming pool, day-care center etc., along the cultural facilities like art galleries, auditorium, and cinema hall. It also has a continuous roof garden that collects storm water from the housing towers, which can be utilized for plantation. The housing towers accommodate three different dwelling types: three, four and five room units.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Punggol, SG
Additional Credits: Santosh Kumar Ketham, Dharmesh Gandhi, Srikanth Inti, Vishnuvardhan


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