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Kalina Housing French Guiana

Sages Passages is a project that Shantidas Riedacker, Adeline Brero and myself managed for more than 2 years for the mayor of a beautiful Amerindian village on the North West edge of French Guiana, called Awala-Yalimapo. We worked closely with Jean-Paul Fereira the mayor and most of the inhabitants to explore their techniques and ways of life to better respond to the project. We founded at that moment the office cassaV. The project takes advantage on local traditional local Kalina techniques to re explore them in a very contemporary way and bring back a high level of comfort without loosing a climatic comfort that the traditional habitat offers in topical areas. Tropical Housing/Guyane project with Adeline Brero and Shantidas Riedacker

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Status: Built
Location: French Guiana
My Role: architect
Additional Credits: Adeline Brero, Shantidas Riedacker


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