Shushanik Kostandian

Shushanik Kostandian

Shenzhen, CN


Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction New Campus

According to Alexander Tamanyan’s plan of the student village the front park of the Engineering University should have become the prolongation of the Agricultural Academy’s park. However, the heavy traffic of the Terian Street separates them, turning the Engineering University’s park into a miserable piece of nature, which also blocks up the beautiful facade of the 2nd campus from the street. 

The concept is based on using the EFTE material as a soft cover, which can take the shape of the firm framework placed inside. This gives the opportunity to reshape the building.

The structure includes 3 vertical towers connected by horizontal and diagonal communications on which additional dynamic modules are hanging. This make the whole building change from year to year according to the students’ practical skills and imagination. Thus, the architectural education will be based on workshops, resulting the reshaping the university.

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Status: School Project
Location: Yerevan, AM


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