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The Vertical Garden

In order to celebrate its 45th anniversary, Shuter Company has decided to build a new Headquarters, which will include both the production factory and the Administration Center.

“The Vertical Garden” is the architectural response to Shuter’s desire for renovation, and attempts not only to fulfil the programmatic requirements, but mainly to open the building to visitors and citizens, by providing public-collective spaces where people can enter, gather, and join specific events.

At the same time, “The Vertical Garden” aims to build a new, sustainable and green building, in which any design effort is addressed to reduce C02 emissions, guarantee energy optimization, water recycling, and biodiversity.

In order to integrate the new functions into the surrounding landscape of Bansan, without altering the current site topography and ecosystem, the building is conceived as a vertical garden: a continuous green surface which hosts different plant species.

The use of vegetation all around the facades allows to optimize the energetic behaviour of the building, to control the climatic parameters (temperature, pressure, humidity), and also to save on construction costs.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Taichung, TW


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