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Interior Landscapes is a proposal aimed to transform Jubail Industrial Area into a reference in Education and Research for Saudi Arabia.
In order to achieve that, the project is conceived as the superposition of two different and complementary layers: the ground floor, which works as an open plaza-foyer where employees and also visitors can find several collective functions (auditorium, exhibition hall, library, etc); and the first level, where most of the offices and the administration areas are condensed.
So public and private are at the same time mixed but separated. People from Jubail can visit the Center and enjoy its new public spaces; the building turns into an iconic landmark for the Industrial Area, thanks to its open character and its complex structure.
The structure is the main distinctive element of the Center, imagined as a mix between tradition and innovation. 
It is based on the repetition and variation of a basic archetype, the arc, which is transformed in order to achieve a very special atmosphere and experience inside the building.
Every arc is different from the others.  
The structure helps to differentiate the different functions of the Center, but at the same time defines the common spaces as it were a public space, open to everyone.

Thanks to the definition of such a structure, in the interior a very original atmosphere is created. Different connection elements (staircases, lifts, elevators), designed as small sculptures, turn the ground floor into a dynamic and exciting environment, like an university or a public space.
While the ground floor is permeable and transparent, to invite visitors to take a look inside, the office level is based on opaque surfaces, and small patios in order to get daylight during the day. In this way it’s also possible to avoid large areas of glass.
Most of offices are located along the north orientation.
The ground floor also acts as a bioclimatic tool to control temperature, humidity, and illumination. Its semi-permeable structure allows working as a filter space between the interior of the offices and the exterior. So people can even enter to take a rest and experience confortable temperatures.
From outside, one can perceive a perforated building, characterized by huge openings that invite people to enter. Inside, a new world emerges:  events, manifestations, conferences will take place in an innovative and special space !!!

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Jubail, SA


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