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Archaeology of the Future- Plovdiv Central Square

Archaeology of the Future is a proposal aimed to turn Plovdiv Central Square into the main hub of the Underground Museum of Philippopolis, which will connect into an integrate system all the Plovdiv main monuments.

For this reason, the project consists of the superposition and interpenetration of three different layers:

1: the archaeological layer, located at the lower level, characterized by the Ancient Forum, and made it partially accessible. In some points of the square, on the upper level, a “trace” or memory of the Forum will recall the integrity of the entire plan.

2: the modern-contemporary layer, contradistinguished by important architectural elements, such as the Military Club, the Trimontium Hotel, the Post Office, and the former Communist Party House. Along with the park on the west, they will constitute the basis for the new configuration.

3: the layer of the Future, in which new functions are installed: a Tourist info-centre, an exhibition space, a new Market (which replaces the current parking area), an underground parking, and some artistic installations, whose disposition breaks with the current axial and hierarchical organization.

So present, past and future will coexist in a complex and heterogeneous environment, ecologically sustainable (all the materials used for the square are recycled and absorb C02 emissions). The existing connections between different layers, and the underpasses as well are preserved, retrofitted and re-designed with new materials, vegetation and flooring.

Tourists and citizens can enjoy the multiple facilities offered by the new square, whose collective-aggregative character will transform the Central Square in a real public space, open to everyone.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Plovdiv, BG


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