Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc)

Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc)

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SCI-Arc Takes Top Place in 2012 Best Architecture Schools Survey

sciarcnews Nov 8 '11 0

The recently published results of the 2012 Best Architecture and Design Schools Survey conducted by the Greenway Group and Design Intelligence rank SCI-Arc #1 in graduate and #2 among undergraduate architecture schools in Western U.S. General rankings place SCI-Arc at #7 in undergraduate and #13 in graduate programs overall.

In the architecture skills assessment survey, SCI-Arc maintained its second place in the Design and Computer Applications categories, after Harvard and MIT respectively. New this year, it is the first time SCI-Arc ranks in top 5 in Research & Theory (after Harvard, Yale, MIT and Princeton) and Analysis & Planning (alongside Columbia, Michigan and Yale). In addition, SCI-Arc was also ranked 5th in the newly introduced Cross-disciplinary Teamwork category.

The eight fundamental skills assessment categories include: Analysis and planning, Communication, Computer Applications, Construction Methods & Materials, Cross-disciplinary Teamwork, Design, Research and Theory, and Sustainable Design Practices and Principles.

A preview of the 2012 America's Best Architecture & Design Schools rankings and details about the research methodology are included in a recent feature in the Architectural Record, with the complete survey results being listed in the current Nov/Dec issue of the DesignIntelligence journal.

Read the feature in Architectural Record >>

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