New York, NY


470 Park Avenue South

The renovation project for this early 20th century office building in midtown Manhattan included the exterior building base, interior lobby, corridors and 8 elevators.

The existing interior lobby was dark, narrow and unwelcoming. Our design brings a sense of spaciousness to the building through several bold moves: openings cut into the thick masonry wall avoiding existing structure and permitting natural light to enter. This strategy resulted in a striking central panel comprised of glass panels of varying types and sizes. Shallow vestibules replaced the deep entrance vestibules with automatic doors increasing the open area of interior space.  Elements of an earlier postmodern renovation were incorporated into a language of contemporary forms, materials and composition.

The design solution at once improved the interior environment of this narrow, disorienting space; and its presence on the street for visitors and passersby. What had been an uninviting stretch of street is now open and energized to become a vibrant addition to the context of the neighborhood.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US


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