New York, NY


260W 39th St

The renovation project was for a 1920’s building in the midtown Manhattan. The design set out to impart a sense of comfort and orientation to the visitor by providing strategically selected improvements and better proportioned spaces.

The exterior two-story base of the building was altered with a prominent portal to remedy the difficulty of finding the main entrance. The blemishes of the shiny bronze finish of the existing service doors and grills were muted by the application of a dark statuary finish. The doorway between lobbies was eliminated improving traffic flow and uniting the two spaces. The modest budget necessitated the selective restoration of existing high-quality materials: limestone walls, terrazzo flooring and bronze elevator doors. These elements once restored were paired with a dramatic new suspended wood wall and ceiling panel, new lighting and a new sculptural wood desk. A new, backlit tenant directory replaced the old one and was built into a large refinished metal wall grill. All the lighting is new.

The design, the winner of the Fashion District Award, successfully blends the existing, traditional details of the interiors with bold new, modern materials creating a contemporary and dynamic space.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US