Arjon Muarremi

Arjon Muarremi

Milano, IT


Sustainable Terraces. Mountain Hut

Sustainability was the key for of the project. The climatic conditions of the site obligates the maximum energy conservation. The concept was taken by the original mountain hut operating an interior explosion to expose the spaces and generate natural cycle flows.
Synthesize the foundations adressed the form to a reticular frame generating a sugestive section and spaces. The natural circulation of air and water was controled by air gaps, a common greenhouse and a water surface, guaranteing the desired comfort.
Choosing plywood for the structures and the interior is one of the elements that added quality to the project.

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Status: School Project
Location: Vercelli, IT
My Role: Leading Architect in a team. Project manager/ Interior Designer/ Renderer/ Detail Designer.
Additional Credits: Collegues.
Ignacio Trueba Balbona
Adriana Alario


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