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George Little

Philadelphia, PA, US


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George Little is a recent graduate of Syracuse University School of Architecture. In May 2013, he received a Bachelor of Architecture and was awarded the Luther Gifford Prize in Architecture for Highest Rank in scholarship. As an architect, his primary interests lie in architectural design through technology and computation. His undergraduate thesis, Simultaneous Cities aims to reconnect two postindustrial neighborhoods by developing a set of parametric species, each based in a simple archetype, then letting it loose on the city.  The thesis was awarded the Dean’s Citation for Excellence in Thesis Design.

Recently, Little served on the Dean Search Committee during the school’s hunt for a new leader. Prior to this, George was appointed by the faculty to participate in the School of Architecture Curriculum Committee: a group of faculty members, who access the school’s progress and make recommendations to the administration on ways to improve the quality of education.
While abroad in Italy and as part of a joint-studio between Syracuse Architecture and Fundación Universitaria San Pablo CEU in Madrid, he designed a film archive for the Italian firm Image, who’s primary interest is cataloging, displaying, and discussing architectural film and video. As the studio ended, George was selected to present his project as a representative of Syracuse Architecture. Upon returning to the US, George was hired as a ‘Digital TA,’ a position created to help combine relevant computational skills with architectural design knowledge. George lectured and discussed workflow, diagramming, rendering techniques, parametric modeling, post-production and digital efficiency. Additionally, he worked one-on-one with students helping them produce CNC and 3D printed models. In 2011, George was Chair of DIGITAL, a workshop and lecture series focused on teaching and discussing architectural technology and digital production techniques. The series helped generate discussion of up-and-coming technologies between students and faculty. Additionally, he served as Communication Director for the Architecture Student Organization, the student government of the school of architecture.

Along with architecture, George has experience in graphic and interactive design. At the end of his second year, he was commissioned by Professor Richard Rosa to design and construct Prof. Rosa’s portfolio website. The site, which is constructed in Flash, was exhibited in January of 2011 at MotiveForce, a Syracuse Architecture Faculty Exhibition. Soon after, he was asked by the faculty to assist in teaching architectural computation to second year design studios. In 2008 he designed and implemented L2 Architecture’s website.



Erdy McHenry Architecture, Philadelphia, PA, US, Architecture Intern

Designed Skin-Systems for Competitions through Parametric Design
Created and Optimized Work-flows between 3D Modeling Software
Assisted in Design and Arrangement of Residential Units with Grasshopper focusing on Unit-packing Efficiency.
Built large-scale Acrylic Models
Assisted in IT Maintenance and Workstation Setup
Operated and Repaired Laser Cutters

May 2012 - Aug 2012

L2Partridge, Philadelphia, PA, US, Architecture Intern

Created 3D Siteplan if University Campus
Surveyed Existing Buildings
Designed Canopy + Entrance Renovation
Created Realistic Renderings for Design Competitions

Jan 2011 - Aug 2012

Munly Brown Studio, Syracuse, NY, US, Competition Team Designer

Assisted in Design Competitions: Rendered Diagrammatic Renderings, Drawings, and Realistic Perspectives

Apr 2012 - May 2012

H2L2 Architects Planners, Philadelphia, PA, US, Architecture Intern

Rendered Interior and Exterior Proposals
Assisted with Client Presentations
Assisted in Redesigning Graphic Presentation Standards
Created Rendering and Materials Library

Jun 2010 - Aug 2011

Infrared Eleven, Syracuse, NY, US, Architecture intern

Assisted in Design + Implementation of Portfolio Website
Assisted in Design + Setup of MotiveForce: Faculty Exhibition

Nov 2010 - Feb 2011


Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, US, BArch, Architecture

Awarded Luther Gifford Prize in Architecture to Highest Rank in Design Scholarship.
Awarded a Dean's Citation for Thesis Excellence.
Dean's List.

Sep 2008 - May 2013


Luther Gifford Prize in Architecture., Award

Awarded to the student with the highest rank in design scholarship.


Dean's Citation for Excellence in Thesis Design, Award

Awarded to students who exhibited excellence in thesis design and presentation.


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