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Architectural Walkthrough: The 88 in San Jose

Visualizing Amenities and More at The 88

The 88. Cool name, even cooler concept. The 88 is a residential and retail space in San Jose that was a unique project for us to work on because of the variety of high-end amenities that the space offers to residents.

We were initially brought onto the project by Wilson Meany Sullivan, a real-estate investment and development firm (and long-time client of ours – check out some of our previous work with another project of theirs, Lot 11 at Santana Row. We were brought on board to help create 3D models and images for pre-sales and marketing efforts.

Our team created a variety of models to show potential tenants exactly what their future homes would look like. We needed to create a number of models, because The 88 offers a variety of unit types, including one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom condominiums, along with penthouse suites. The amenities that the residence offered, including a huge outdoor swimming pool, community room, fitness facilities and hot tub were an integral part of the residence package, and so we wanted to create models that highlighted those areas, as well.

Not only were the images that we created used to help potential tenants visualize life at The 88, but they also helped the internal design team make some of the tough decisions regarding various aspects of the project. For instance, the design team was able to change the color of interior and exterior walls, test out a variety of floorings, and change the finishes on the kitchen cabinets before any construction even begun.

One of the more interesting ways that our models were used in the planning phases of The 88 was when the team was working on the state-of-the-art fitness center. We were able to create models of the fitness equipment that the team was interested in purchasing ahead of time, so everyone was able to see if it would fit in the space, and how it would look before making a final decision.

As many people in the real estate industry understand, the view from a condo, apartment or house is one of the most important features to potential buyers. Because The 88 wasn’t yet under construction, potential tenants couldn’t see what the view would be from each unit. So, we created a model of downtown San Jose that could show not only the view from the building, but to visualize what the building would look like from any part of San Jose.

That eight-block model of San Jose was a multi-faceted tool, because not were the sales and marketing team at Wilson Meany Sullivan able to use it, but it also became a tool that could be used to show government agencies how the building would impact the look of the city.

Today, The 88 is one of the gems in the San Jose real estate market, and is an integral part of city’s thriving downtown district.

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Status: Built
Location: San Jose, CA, US
My Role: 3D Visualization
Additional Credits: Wilson Meany Sullivan

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