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3D Rendering: Shorenstein's Oyster Point Business Park

We’re excited to announce that we recently finished the first phase of a project that has the potential to effect major change in the South San Francisco area. We’ve told you about our work with Shorenstein, a great development firm with properties throughout the country (read here) and we recently were approached by their team to work with them again on their Oyster Point Business Park project.

This project, which would make its home in the heart of South San Francisco, would be the largest office space development in the Bay Area. Sitting on a 48.7-acre site, complete with 1,600 feet of unobstructed waterfront, the site also boasts a 235-berth marina and a 4.1-acre dry boat storage lot.

Upon completion, the project would encompass more than 2.25 million square feet in 12 R&D buildings, along with three parking structures. Oyster Point Business Park could house numerous companies who are looking to relocate to this particular part of the city. Because of the size and scope of the project, the potential for growth is enormous.

Shorenstein called on us to create the 3D renderings for the project to show potential architects, investors, tenants and more. We were given a pretty tight deadline – about four weeks, from start to finish – but it was such a great project that we jumped at the chance to work on it.

We created and produced all of the design for the 3D models. Through aerial photography, we were able to see the full scope of the project, and envision its potential, both inside and out.

“One of the really cool things about this project was that we were essentially given a napkin sketch of the idea, and were able to help one of the largest developers in the region realize its potential,” says Michael Semmen, one of the founders of ZUM. “We also saved them some of the costs they would typically incur at this phase in the project, because they’ll now be able to shop this idea around without having to get another design team on board.”

One important aspect of the project was to show the location of where the building will be in relation to San Francisco. South San Francisco is still a developing community, and potential tenants and businesses have a vested interest in understanding if their offices will be close to shops, restaurants, parks and public transportation. Oyster Point’s location would provide direct access to the San Francisco CBD, and is only three miles from San Francisco International Airport. There are also numerous public transportation options, including Caltrain and BART, and a ferry terminal that is a short walking distance to the property offers an easy commute to and from Oakland and the East Bay.

Moving forward, Shorenstein will show all of our models to potential clients and investors and gauge local interest in the project. A sales center will be built on site, and our renderings will be showcased throughout the office. If there is enough interest by potential tenants, the project will move into the next phases of development.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: South San Francisco, CA, US
My Role: 3D Visualization
Additional Credits: Shorenstein


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