Montreal, Quebec, CANADA


New Dandy (first RedMinded collection)

Take a step back into the past of your mind
Remember the time where revolution changed everything
Make it happen and you will be unrestrained

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Status: Built
Location: Montreal, QC, CA
My Role: Co-founder and designer
Additional Credits: Xavier Wenger - Co Founder

"While the sun flees away in magical illumination of multiple colors, the sand comes up between my naked toes, burying them on the shore of freedom and stillness, a crashing and relaxing sound resonates in my ears, bleary laughs and muffled movements focuses my attention on a group of hipsters dancing to the rhythmic voice of a stereo, I toss my smoke, tie Swing Swag and go meet them." RedMinded
"While the room vibrates to the rhythm of underground ambiance and electronized youth, a pure shot of adrenaline takes control of my body and mind, dashing lights impel me in a vision of moving silhouettes, my heart sets the beat to the transcended figures of the scene, rushing towards the bathroom, I look up, see my face covered in water, tie Propaganda and push the door." RedMinded
"While an official meeting takes place through the windows of an immense mansion, glasses cling at the cozy and old furnished salon, luxurious and colorful fabrics fly like wings flapping through the respectful room, shining shoes and well slicked moustaches sparkle in the eyes of interested and cultivated demoiselles, I ring the bell, tie Heritage and the doors open." RedMinded
"While a landscape of sharp peaks stabs the sky in an acute shout whistling in my ears, the highest temples seam to communicate with the eternal power and spiritual valour of an invisible presence that seem to guide humanity to the altitudinous parts of earth, watching undisturbed monks walking quietly towards the crest to meditate, I listen to interior voices, tie Blue Temple and enter the monastery." RedMinded

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