Raul Chavez

Raul Chavez

Mexico, MX

Night view
Night view
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Liverpool Angelopolis

Remodeling of a 191,059 square feet parametric façade for the Mexican apartment store Liverpool, it was based on the deformation of a modular geometry to respond to sunlight conditions on the site, as well to create night light effects.

The facade is composed of more than 6,000 custom pieces that creates an outer skin, which works like a filter for light.

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Status: Built
Location: Puebla, MX
My Role: Digital manufacturing in a team of architects from Arquitectura Experimental, which was outsourced by Javier Sánchez Arquitectos (JSa), to performa the digital manufacturing of the facade. I created a Grasshopper definition which created a 3D model based
Additional Credits: Javier Sánchez Arquitectos (JSa), Arquitectura Experimental

Construction phase
Construction phase

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