Raul Chavez

Raul Chavez

Mexico, MX


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I studied in Mexico City at Universidad Iberoamericana, where I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Architecture. At this university I had the opportunity to learn from several of the most renowned Mexican architects and due to the structure of my academic program I could approach to architecture in a holistic way.

I worked for two years and six month at Arquitectura Experimental, where I learn computational design. I had the opportunity to get involved in both large scale commercial projects and art oriented project, this gave me a wider range of learning possibilities, not constraining me to a specific market.

I collaborated for the 2010 Venice Biennale for the art installation "Enjoy the View", editing the documentary video and for the 2012 Vencice Biennale for the art installation "Contra(POSICION)", participating on the design team and elaborating the files for digital manufacturing. Both of this projects gave me an insight on production process of art projects.

In 2011 I was involved in the digital manufacturing of a 191,059 square feet facade for Mexican retail store Liverpool, in this project I learned how to work with large scale commercial project, where time and budget become the driving forces of the production process that need to be directed.

Furthermore I took three workshops at Brooklyn where I reinforced my computational design skills with an academic part that gave me a more efficient use of this tool.



2010-2012: Arquitectura Experimental, S.C. – Mexico, Mexico City
Arquitectura Experimental S.C. is an architectural and design firm which works with its own projects and external projects, aiming to give solution to computational design problems.
Work comprises: art installations, office projects, housing projects, commercial projects, cultural projects and public space projects.
Clients include: retail stores, apartment stores, real estate investors, headquarter offices, fashion brands and architectural firms.
During the time I worked at Arquitectura Experimental I participated in the 2010 Venice Biennale; creating the documentary video for the design and production process for the art installation “Enjoy the View” -, in the 2012 Venice Biennale; translating the ideas from a design team into a 3D model driven by a script that mapped Mexico City information, for the art installation contra(POSICION) - and on the digital manufacturing of a 191,059 square feet parametric façade for a Mexican apartment store, creating a Grasshopper definition that modified a modulus according to lighting conditions, creating a 3D model and generating construction plans-

Job Responsibilities
• Create a web page layout
• Work with other designers on design process
• Develop a concept design into a final design
• Create scripts to solve design problems
• Create script to automatize plan production
• Ensure progress toward the completion of the projects
• Monitor construction phase to ensure quality standards
• Optimize designs to comply with a budget
• Make and review final budget
• Review other designers plans and make corrections

Sep 2010 - Dec 2012


Universidad Iberoamericana, Campus Santa Fe, Mexico, MX, BArch, Santa Fe II

The main purpose of the academic program at Universidad Iberoamericana is described in the following statements:
• Analyze habitation problems in different cultures, and solutions given in its time and space.
• Propose a sustainable architecture adapted to the cultural, urban and natural environment.
• Understand the fundamental properties and characteristics of materials, technologies, tools, procedures and construction systems and apply them with an ethical perspective.
• Apply the basic principles of management in its planning methodology and the evaluation and control systems.
• Know and apply the official regulations governing the construction and the procedures required, as well; the rights, obligations and responsibilities in the workplace.

Jan 2005 - Dec 2010


Concurso Barragan Intervención Urbana, Honorable Mention

It was a competition for Casa Barragan Foundaition at Mexico City, which aimed to create an urban connection between the World Heritage House and the near by subway station "Constituyentes".


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