Ramon Mendoza

Ramon Mendoza

Madrid, ES


Hospital Chicho Fábrega in Panama

I was employed as an intern at Estudio Lamela Arquitectos and my first assignment was to work inside the team for the completion of the detail design project for a hospital in Panama. The project consisted on the extension and partial demolition of a pre-existing hospital and the aims of our proposal where:
-Programatric complexity
-Flexible design:
-Accesibility and adaptation to needs
-Environmentally friendly and energy saving
-Grouth possibility
-Integration with surroundings.

The building consists of two differentiated volumes. A horizontal basis with all Central Services of the hospital and a a vertical volume accomodating Hospitalization and Doctors on Duty. ‘Fissures’ in the basis provides with daylight to the deepest areas inside the hospital.

technical data
Site: Province of Veraguas, Panama
Gross building area: 44806m2
Client: Ministry of Health, Republic of Panama

_design of construction and typical hospital rooms details.
_3d modelling and rendering of inside and outside specific areas of the building.
_layout of the slides used for the presentation.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Province of Veraguas, Panama
My Role: Detail design project in collaboration
Additional Credits: Estudio Lamela Arquitectos

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Résumé 01
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Résumé 02

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