J. James R.

J. James R.

Orlando, FL, US

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...@Chad Wullenman, nice job dude. Make sure to "gamma match" when you stick card people in your renders like this:

@Chad Wullenman, nice job dude. Make sure to

Jun 28 '11

...Noah Walker's prototype bed hijacked!

Noah Walker's prototype bed hijacked!

Jun 19 '11

...@Paul P., I hope it turns out to be a safe gig for you.

Jun 10 '11

...I burned my hand and can only type single-handedly. Fun, huh?

May 2 '11

...@Mr. Ramirez, do they come signed? @Ms. Weatherbee, I'd totally love to do the renders on that house (for free)!

Apr 29 '11

...Profile accomplished. Now writing about 7 collapsing apartment buildings.

Apr 26 '11
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