Christopher White

Christopher White

Boston, MA, US

Christopher White recently worked on...

...bathroom renovation

bathroom renovation

May 14 '12

...Happy Birthday Mies

Happy Birthday Mies

Mar 27 '12

...bathroom renovation

bathroom renovation

Dec 1 '11

...bathroom renovation_2 {existing conditions}

bathroom renovation_2 {existing conditions}

Sep 30 '11

...bathroom renovation {existing conditions}

bathroom renovation {existing conditions}

Sep 26 '11

...logo design for our soccer team's new jerseys (ghetto boyz)

logo design for our soccer teams new jerseys (ghetto boyz)

Sep 21 '11

...headboard design

headboard design

Sep 12 '11

...wood rib barcelona chair

wood rib barcelona chair

Aug 26 '11

...Seating design (AutoCAD/SkUp/VRay/PS CS5)

Seating design (AutoCAD/SkUp/VRay/PS CS5)

Aug 25 '11

...depth of field test_02

depth of field test_02

Aug 11 '11

...depth of field test_01

depth of field test_01

Aug 11 '11

...screen wall/storage shelves

screen wall/storage shelves

Aug 8 '11

...stair design for parking garage lobby

stair design for parking garage lobby

Jul 27 '11