Kyle Green

Kyle Green

Brooklyn, NY, US


Arcadian Tower

The apartment tower centers on the rustic ideal that is Arcadia, with elements including an overgrown landscape, distant views, and stone ruins. The design explores the possibilities of outdoor living within the urban context and the evocation of Arcadia, through semi-private gardens resulting from the erosion of the tower. The overgrowth of foliage is visually pulled from a nearby park up onto the building and into the units.

The gardens are connected on the exterior through vertical cables, integrated planters on the balconies, and railing that encourage overgrowth. These balconies provide a space for personal reflection and encourage social interaction, which are qualities lacking in the typical apartment tower. The gardens establish the perimeter of the units creating a unique floor plan for each.

The configuration of the bathroom and kitchen center around a vertical chase, but differ based on the degree of erosion on the exterior. This creates a variety of scale of the living spaces and bedrooms with minimal partitions, keeping the floor plans open. The terraces allow for an expansion of the living space, blurring the boundary between the interior and exterior, while punched windows placed at specific locations provide distant and constructed views to the city beyond. The combination of these techniques fosters a relationship between the urban residential tower and a rustic landscape.

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Status: Built
Location: Columbus Oh
My Role: Designer


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