Gregory Pavell

Gregory Pavell

Cleveland, OH, US


Northern Savings & Loan

A  2.5 story New Addition clad in Indiana Limestone, polished and peen-hammered Granite to an existing Bank [ca.1928],  clad in sandstone, with fluted, carved fenestration and existing travertine marble floors carried throughout new for a more seamless context.

  • Entry Atrium permits natural light from the West to bathe the interior as the 2nd floor
  • Offices, (ceiling to floor glass), cantilever over
  • Reception / Elevator areas with
  • Corridor dead end, and Stairwell glassed to admit refracted light into work spaces.
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Status: Built
My Role: I was the Chief Designer from Concept through Design Development, designed and detailed the Reception Counter [granite, glass and steel]; grand Staircase; custom cabinetry then drafted them as Working Drawings composite with CAD documents.
Additional Credits: RWL Architects, Inc. - Ron Landig, Principal; William Belloma and Joseph Jarmusik, Project Manager's.


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