Neil Dixon

Neil Dixon

Indianapolis, IN, US

This is the houses front and back elevations.
This is the houses front and back elevations.

Oliver House

This is a 9000 sq.ft. home under construction near Chicago, Illinois. It represents yet another introduction of green technology. The entire outer shell of the home is being constructed of Insulated Concrete Forms. They are truly a premier form of both energy savings as well as comfort for the home owners. In the midwest, where the threat of extreme weather and potentially tornadic activity lingers, the strength of the home's structure is also paramount. The home is located close enough to a railroad that the owners also wanted the "quite" that this technology also offers. It effectively shuts out most exterior noise. It also allows a multitude of interior and exterior finishes without a need to modify the system to accomodate those finishes. It will also include special "hurricane style" structural strapping to make the home even more resistent to up lift from violent storms.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Lake County, Indiana.

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