Rut Arnedo Forcada

Rut Arnedo Forcada

Tudela, ES



We decided to simulate the village idea by gathering and displacing squares of 15 by 15 meters, divided by uses and respective areas demanded by the urban plan for that unit.
The idea of the village with their small plazas and terraces was created, with a main road crossing its centre so that it could be connected with other territories and neighbours. The next step was to distribute the village vertically and to arrange its different uses in the most proper way, between what is public and private space.
The combination of the squares into 2 massive vertical solids of 140 and 150 meters height could not lose it sense of village, so we rise different elevations between them to create a more dynamic volume, and most importantly, to originate some terraces to increase the quality of particular residences of the villa.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Shenzhen, China
My Role: Principal designer and team leader
Additional Credits: CSCEC


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