Nikko Torres

Nikko Torres

New York, NY, US


Tres Palmas Marine Research Center

The Tres Palmas Reserve Rincon is currently an empty plot of land with beach access that has been set aside by the government in Puerto Rico due to the a unique species of coral that is only found in this location and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the Horn Coral. The second part of the project, the first being the Eco-Cabins, was to create a marine research facility for scientists that work within the foundation that help set up the reserve, SurfRider, using the preexisting concrete form work footprint that has been abandoned on the reserve. The project also includes accommodations for visiting scientists as well as be a space for the public to access for lectures and informational meetings held by the SurfRider Foundation. Using the needed programs of the project and taking inspiration from the unique flora and fauna of the Puerto Rico, and the typical cinder-block construction of the country; the concept was to create spaces that evoked the land and the ocean, mainly through the use of colors and materials, and level changes.

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Status: School Project
Location: Rincon, PR, US


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