Varouzhan Torosadamy

Varouzhan Torosadamy

Los Angeles, CA, US


Self Sustaining City block

    California has always been the birthplace and nurturing ground for new ideas and movements throughout the history of the United States, But now its falling behind the times. Designing and building a SELF SUSTAINING CITY BLOCK(S.S.C.B.) could be one of the first steps to restore California’s image as a leader in innovative ideas , which what this project is all about.
    The main aspect guiding the project is making each Block self sustaining energy wise which will include but not limited to using Solar, wind and oceanic energies . Photovoltaic panels are implemented on the faces of the towers to act as water collectors that guide the rain water to an underground purification facility to be consumed by the inhabitants and the vegetation alike. Wind tunnels are built based on research done on the wind patterns of a certain location throughout the year,  that host turbines at the center-narrowing part of the structures. The wind which enters the tunnels gains velocity following the laws of thermodynamics and therefore obtains more efficiency in producing power. Turbines are placed under sea water which will generate constant energy using the power of the waves and ocean currents.
    Public transit system is placed not the ground level but on the roof tops of the towers by the means of electric trams, in order to provide circulation in between the individual blocks as well as freeing space on the street level for pedestrian and vehicle traffic alike. Implemented Vertical shafts give access from the roof tops to ground and individual levels using elevators and stair wells encased in glass boxes. These shafts in turn lead to four Horizontal glass pathways that distribute the pedestrian traffic to their desired towers in the blocks using electric capsules and walkways. The blocks are joined by their top corners in the Hexagon geometry to obtain better efficiency in resisting seismic and wind loads in areas with the potential of those natural forces , and to provide the pattern in which the city will grow.
    Various and ample vegetation is provided in the common courtyard and the walkways along the Horizontal pathways for the convenience of the public, and to reduce the physical and spiritual gap between nature and the city dwelling public. The project is designed to satisfy and endure most climate conditions and to be built almost anywhere, but some modifications might be necessary on certain locations.


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Status: Unbuilt
Location: San Francisco, CA, US


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