Gabriel Didiano

Gabriel Didiano

Toronto, ON, CA

Exterior Render
Exterior Render

Barcelona Senior Studio Project: A Spanish Baccalaureate Secondary School


I participated in the Barcelona Study Abroad Program for the fall 2010 semester. Our class was situated in the heart of Barcelona’s Barri Gotic off of Las Ramblas and challenged with a contextually Spanish problem of how to place an intervention in the Eixample. Our project brief required the development of a secondary school program within the context of Barcelona’s Eixample and integration of the educational program beyond the normative typology of a secondary school. We  wanted to reinterpret the schools urban condition to facilitate public usage concurrently with student usage and design a formal logic which reflects the functional aspects of a school without classrooms. The classroom was transformed into studio space where faculty, students, and external public dialoged. The education system was based on a Spanish Baccalaureate program that was composed of core classes and a specialization of the students’ choosing.

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Status: School Project
Location: Barcelona, Spain

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