Stephen Starensier

Stephen Starensier

New York, NY, US


Real Estate Development and Construction Portfolio

Berger Apts, New Haven, CT:   Fire and flood ravaged senior citizen building: Emergency Response Project Management
Friendset Apts, NYC:  High rise NYC Local Law 11 inspection and façade repair:  Setup / Rebidding / Contracts
Canaan House, NYC:   $2,400,000 capital improvement workout:  Construction Needs / Project Management
New Haarlem Village I, NYC:  10 building LIHTC redevelopment and capital improvement:  Finance / Construction
Roosevelt Lane, NYC:   6 building $6,600,000 LIHTC redevelopment & capital improvement: Finance / Construction
Revive Hope, NYC:  expiring LIHTC refinance and capitalization: Finance / Capital Needs /  Construction
Muscoota, NYC:   5 building $14,000,000 LIHTC redevelopment income:  Finance / Due Diligence  / Construction
New Frontiers 2&3, NYC: Multi-bldg LIHTC redev & improvement:  Refinance / Construction / Due Diligence
New Frontiers I, NYC:  $7,100,000 LIHTC redevelopment and capital improvement: Refinance / Construction
Dawnay Day, NYC:  $160,000,000 foreclosed-upon multi-building residential portfolio:  Acquisitions Feasibility
1951 Park, NYC:   $28,400,000 residential proposal w daycare facility:   Acquisitions / Construction Feasibility
Met PACA, NYC:   9 bldg $21,900,000 housing portfolio proposal:  Acquisitions Feasibility / Financial Analysis
2059 Madison, NYC:  2 bldg affordable income preservation:   Acquisitions Analysis / Construction Feasibility
Hope Homes, NYC:  14 deficient scattered site HPD brownstones:   Mortgage / Closings / Construction Workouts
St.Marks Condominiums, NYC:   Market Study / Bldg Evaluation / Construction Workout / Cost Estimates
Hamilton Proper, Fishers, IN:   Phase I&II, 133 unit golf community:  Financial Analysis /  Construction Workout
MCIII, Indianapolis:   12 story asbestos filled empty office building:   Feasibility Analysis / Capital Needs Assess

Hope Community, NYC:  74 building portfolio:  Capital Needs Assessments / Contracts / Bidding / Construction
Uptown NY, NYC:   900 unit $254,000,000 mixed-income:  Partnership Setup / Construction Feasibility
Calvert Lancaster, NYC:   $27,200,000 mixed income coops:  Financial Analysis / Subsidy Acq / Due Diligence
Calvert Apartments, NYC:   $22,200,000 multi-site LIHTC housing:  Finance / Project Management
Hope Crossroads, NYC:  Twin gut HPD TPT renovations:   Finance / Construction / Construction Management
Ross, NYC:   Three site $32,000,000 residential development proposal:   Construction and Feasibility Analysis
Heather Pointe, IN:   Phased improved 127 single family lots:  Construction and Financial Feasibility / Workouts
Obrien, Fishers, IN:  Phased 310 single family home lots:   Acquisition Evaluation / Construction Financial Analysis
Stonehedge, Detroit, MI:  Phased 524 single family home and golf development:   Construction Financial Analysis
Stone Manor Townhouses, Wayne, NJ:  48 residential townhouses, Phases I&II:  Financial Structure
Atlantic Towers, Revere, MA:  23 story condominium tower on the ocean:  Construction Evaluation

Hope Community, NYC:   40 unit commercial storefront portfolio:   Capital Needs Assessment / Construction
Starling, Cayman Islands:  Office building development:   Feasibility Analysis / Partnership Structure
Unisys, Indianapolis, IN:   72,000 sf commercial office building:   Construction Evaluation / Financial Analysis
Decorative Arts Building, NYC:  16 Story commercial loft building:  Project Financial Lease Analysis
Seventeen State Street, NYC:   41 story, $55,000,000 office tower:  Construction Evaluation / Cost Analysis
Union Carbide, CT:  1,3000,000 sf world headquarters with accessory buildings:   Project Inspection / Evaluation
The Colonnade, Coral Gables, FL:  Retail/Office development:  Construction Review & Evaluation
Bergdorf Goodman, NYC:   5th Ave classical facade reconstruction:  Construction Administration
Lummus Oilfield Building, Houston:  220,000 sf, 22 story corporate headquarters: Construction Administration
Lockerbee, Indianapolis:  118,000 sf retail complex:  Loan Restructure Feasibility / Construction Inspection
Westbank Mall, Oakland, NJ:  40,000 sf suburban strip retail development:   Financial Analysis / Owners Representative

Marriott Hotel, Pittsburgh, PA:   320 rooms with banquet facilities:  Development and Construction Evaluation
Marriott Hotel, Memphis, TN:   296 rooms with meeting space and banquet facilities:  Development Evaluation
Park Ridge Marriott, NJ:  260 room hotel/banquet complex on a river site:   Development and Construction Evaluation

East Harlem Block Nursery, NYC:  $9,900,000 LIHTC day care development:  Financial Analysis / Cost Estimates
Uptown Cultural Center, NYC:  $23,000,000 cultural center development:  Feasibility / Construction Analysis
Cypress Creek High School, Houston:   $22,000,000 classroom and arts additions and renovations:   Construction Architect

AIMCO, NYC:   Standardized Specifications and Contract Riders for all NYC construction projects:  Developer
Hope Community, NYC:  Standardized bid documents, contracts, inspection forms and specifications: Creator
NYEF, NYC:  2,300 unit, 3 equity tax credit syndications:   Senior Underwriter / Construction Approvals
NYC HPD & NYEF, NYC:  Standardized Riders to all LIHTC Development and Construction Contracts
Sands Casino Garage, Atlantic City:  10 story concrete parking garage:   Construction Analysis
Simon & Schuster corporate offices, Rockefeller Center, NYC:  Classical Construction Specifications
Offices of the Secretary of State, Department of State, WDC:   Specifications and Construction Administration

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Status: Built
Location: USA
My Role: Real Estate Developer, Company Director, Project Manager, Construction Manager, Contracts & Specifications
Additional Credits: various

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