Vishal Thomas

Vishal Thomas

Mississauga, ON, CA


Dubai Silicon Oasis

Residential housing project consisting of 308 villas , community mall and recreation area for the community on a site of area 548,786sqm

Elements of the project

1)3types of  G + 1 residential villas, total of 300 villas.

2)1types  of  luxury villas, totally of 8 luxury villas.

3)Community center which includes shops , mini-market, fast food, coffee shop, barber and beauty
     shops, laundry , pharmacy.

4)Community plaza that will have restaurants,branded shops, outdoor space,play area, fountains

5)Community facilities like parks and recreational areas that include badminton court, pool area, health club.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Dubai
My Role: design everything from scratch til its final touch
Additional Credits: I would like to give my thank to Senior Architect of Archgroup International Manoj Rathod, who inspired me taking this topic, support and encouragement he has provided during my entire thesis project. I would also like to thank my juniors Ameya Bhabal, Agness Mathew, Nafsi Mohamed Erattakulam, Zuha Sajid and Vishu Prasad for their help during my thesis.


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