Gregg Oelker

Gregg Oelker

Culver City, CA, US


Maxfield Gallery (retail store)

A 2,400 warehouse building used for garment storage was repurposed to become a gallery for 20th and 21st century applied arts.  The gallery displays selections from the owner’s collection of furniture, lights, vehicles, and architectural elements, as well as temporary exhibitions.

Built in the 1940s, the existing building was characterized by brick walls and a wood roof supported on steel beams.  The design proposed to retain and expose the existing materials and to insert a new, patchable wall surface over the brick perimeter walls.  The new wall surface is open at the top, with access to concealed electrical and video outlets, so that lighting or video screens can be located at any point on the walls.  Two ceiling surfaces were planned for similar, flexible fixture positioning.  A skylight washes the south wall and the north facing exterior wall is fully glazed.  An even grid of fluorescent fixtures illuminates the space, with concealed track lighting above the east and west walls.  For the installation of vehicles and larger items, a 9’ x 12’ exterior sliding door was located at the rear of the building.  Four panels designed by Jean Prouve are integrated as sliding doors along the south side of the gallery.

The roof was well insulated from the top, allowing for exposed structure, concealed electrical wiring, and efficient HVAC operation.  Apart from the steel beams and the sliding panels, surfaces are painted white.  The floors are black colored concrete.

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Status: Built
Location: West Hollywood, CA, US
My Role: Jr Designer
Additional Credits: jeffrey allsbrook, yoshihiro miura, travis muroki


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