Peter Lingamfelter

Peter Lingamfelter

Austin, TX, US

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This project responded to a competition calling for entries to design a Temporary Outdoor Gallery Space (TOGS) for Art City Austin—a two day art festival held every year in Austin, Texas. The proposal questions the temporality of the structures themselves. What if there was a way to use the TOGS 365 days a year? By dispersing the structures throughout the entire city, a new urban framework is created. When Art City Austin is not present, the TOGS can serve as bus stops, park benches, band stages, or message boards for upcoming art exhibits. One of the downfalls of many art festivals is the fragmentation of spaces into individual tents, each displaying their own art. By bringing the TOGS together under one roof, a communal urban space to view art is created. The proposal attempts to push the limits of what it means to view art in an outdoor urban setting.


[Collaborative project w/ Taylor Medlin]

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Austin, TX, US

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