Diego Morell-Perea

Diego Morell-Perea

New York, NY, US

Architecture of Crisis Exhibit
Architecture of Crisis Exhibit

Architecture of Crisis Exhibition, UIUC + Aptum Architecture

The Architecture of Crisis exhibition is a commentary on the recent crisis in suburban housing production in the US.  Therefore, the exhibition defines crisis as a process of transformation or a need for change within our built environment.  Today, we are combating the economic as well as social and environmental crisis that resulted from the housing bubble.   Through speculative narratives, the exhibition challenges the sustainable quality of three typical materials used in suburban construction- vinyl siding, pre-engineered wood trusses, and asphalt roof shingles.  Productive manipulations of these materials are revealed in three suspended boxes that are deployed as apertures to view narratives.  Strategically placed binoculars and cell phone aplications (telephone number is dispalyed for each station, and gives an oral explanation to what its being viewed) allow visitors to participate in the exhibit and immerse themselves in the scenes. 

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Status: Built
Location: I Space Chicago

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