Kara Hosking Martins

Kara Hosking Martins

Williston Park, NY, US

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Restoring The Golden Horn

Re-thinking the value of nature in densely built environments, Kara’s proposal restores the water quality of the estuary by controlling the urban street run offs. North and south shorelines of the Golden Horn are proposed as parks, and highways are eliminated with the introduction of public promenades, bicycle paths and light rail transportation systems. Walkability and leisure activities are introduced with an idea of raising awareness about nature, ecology, and ecosystems of the Golden Horn and shorelines, which are connected by a bridge-promenade system that acts as an ecological park. The program on this new typology consists of urban farming, fish hatcheries, bird sanctuaries and research centers for scientists. The idea of seeing the public as active participants in the process of restoring industrial water shores while bringing nature back to the cities is the main subject of this proposal.

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Status: School Project
Location: Istanbul, TR

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